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Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it on your own.

– L. Olivera

Personal Offerings

Individual Therapy

Together, we will curiously explore the earlier causes, crises and conditionings that led to the formation of the coping strategies that have gotten you to where you are now. This will allow us to connect the dots and identify and then disrupt the frustrating patterns that keep showing up in the ways you relate to yourself, your emotions, to others and to life in general.

And because so many adults have unresolved trauma that they haven’t even acknowledged, we will do some work on identifying your stress responses and learning how to calmly regulate your nervous system so that you have more emotional freedom, flexibility and less knee-jerk reactivity than you currently do.


Mindful Living Coaching

For clients living outside of Jamaica who want to work with me and for anyone wanting to incorporate more mindfulness in their lives, I provide virtual coaching sessions, which allow us to work together wherever in the world you may be.


Private Self Care Retreat

For those wanting some much needed alone time to relax, renew, reflect & recharge – a half or full-day retreat in a tranquil haven may be just the thing you need to get back on track.


The ache for home lies in all of us. The safe place where we can show up as we are and not be judged.

Group Offerings

Mindfulness Course

8 weeks, online-based

Next start date: March 9, 2022

An introductory course for anyone interested in learning the art and science of mindfulness, and  applying its practices and principles to daily life in simple, pragmatic and scientifically-proven ways.

Anxiety, Emotional Resilience and Nervous System Regulation Course

12 weeks, online-based

For persons experiencing  overthinking, emotional reactivity or numbness, or general overwhelm in the face of life’s challenges, this course will help you get better at identifying and managing your emotions, outward reactions and overall nervous system response.

Silence is not simply the absence of speech. It is a whole and independent phenomenon in and of itself. In silence we discover who we are.

 Silent Day Retreat

This day-long retreat spent in a tranquil and beautiful private oasis in the foothills of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, is perfect for anyone who yearns for a chance to pause, unplug and disconnect from the chatter, demands and habitual routines of the external world.

Retreat includes:
– guided periods of contemplative inquiry
– yoga
– mindful nature walking
– seated meditation
– mindful eating
– exploration of the art of social silence
– nuggets of wisdom on how to live more mindfully and meaningfully

Delicious healthy lunch is also included.

Corporate Offerings

Smart companies rely on mindfulness to keep both their employees and their bottom lines healthy & happy.

– TIME Mindfulness: The New Science of Health and Happiness,
Special Edition Magazine (2016)

90-minute Presentation

A popular introductory session which introduces team members to the principles, practices and benefits of Mindfulness, Emotional Resilience and Psychological Flexibility.


Half-Day Offsite Corporate Retreat

Create a healthier work – life balance, improve team morale and enhance performance, productivity & profitability with this popular offering that is specially designed to help teams:

  • Communicate mindfully
  • Handle difficult conversations
  • Make mindful decisions
  • Become more emotionally resilient
  • Confidently handle deadlines and crises
  • Create appropriate boundaries
  • Decrease the risk of burnout
  • Soothe an overwhelmed nervous system

Join the ranks of smart companies by booking a Corporate Mindfulness Retreat for your team.