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The only path away from our suffering is to embrace the suffering.

– M. Scott Peck

I’m so glad you’re here.

I know that sometimes just the thought of poking your head up and reaching out can be anxiety-provoking, so thumbs up re your curiosity and courage.

No matter how challenging and distressing things might seem right now, I want you to know that feeling better IS possible. 

And thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. 

Society’s discomfort with uncomfortable emotions as well its preference for positive thinking, can unwittingly cause many of us to anxiously push certain feelings away out of shame and embarrassment and to become very good at playing the “let’s pretend and pretend we’re not pretending” game.

Suppressing our emotions and glossing over painful earlier life events that have shaped us, however, only leads to anxiety, depression and a disconnection from the fullness, vitality and wisdom of our authentic selves. 

My Approach

Instead of seeing distressing symptoms such as depression and anxiety as evidence that someone is broken or in need of fixing, I view them as pretty wise messengers telling us that something in our lives needs to be acknowledged and attended to with curiosity, calmness, courage and compassion.

The truth is, regardless of our age, education level or status in life and regardless of the cultural stereotypes about mental health & therapy, we ALL need to talk to someone outside of family, friends and church at times.

And because I’ve benefitted tremendously from speaking to wise, skilled therapists when I’ve felt out of sorts and uncertain, it is my absolute joy to be able to provide a safe space & a non-judgemental listening ear to help you understand, navigate and manage your thoughts and emotions much more skillfully, so that you can become far more courageously authentic, relaxed & at ease with yourself, your relationships and with life in general.

Clients who work with me often report how liberating, eye-opening and transformative they find the process to be, and how RELIEVED & EMPOWERED they feel after our work together. 


Therapy for me is not just about talking or focusing only on the MIND. Because of my extensive training and experience in Mindfulness, Yoga and Bodywork, I take a holistic approach, which incorporates working with the body, regulating the nervous system and processing emotions experientially.

I look forward to helping you use the present crisis or challenge in your life as an opportunity to connect the dots in your past and create a pathway of new possibilities for your future. 

Your wounds may not be your fault, but your healing is your responsibility.

And if you decide to courageously commit to the journey of ending your suffering, it will be the most transformative gift you give yourself.

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